Friday, March 14, 2008

Natural treats

Natural treats

I am training my 17 month old abby to "give me five"-using the clickertraining method..does anyone recommend any "healthly" treats for mycat -containing no grains, fillers, etc. I can use during our trainingsessions..



Re: natural treats


These Abys are so smart. Have you seen the 100% chicken treats? Whole Life PetTreatscome in other flavors too. We use the chicken for cats.

Liv-a-Littles(refrigerate afteropening) is another whole chicken treat. Google and see what you can find; theyareexpensive but worth it. Some kitties take a little while to like them. I hadto wet (justslightly) a small piece for one of my cats at first.My blue Aby gave me high fives all the time. No clicker was used. Have younoticed thatcats will raise one paw when they want something?

Whispurr did that a lot. So,one day Itouched the bottom of his foot then raised my hand and said, "High Five". Helearned toassociated my raised hand and maybe the words, for the raised paw. It tookabout twodays and he started raising his paw higher for the "High Five" than for "paw". We wouldtouch paws with the "High Five" command and he would get a treat.Now for some bragging. Of course, you knew that would happen. Whispurr alsodid situps, shake hands, and kissie kissies on command.

None of my Abys had a rapid heart rate. But one of my spay rescue kitties hadit. She wasmedicated for about a month then weaned off of it. She now gets a rapid heartrate onlywhen excited i.e. when I took her to see the vet at the rescue shelter. Fourdays later, I tookher to my regular vet and sat with her in a quiet room for about 20 minutes. They put her ona machine and her heart rate was normal. She is only 2 years.My 19-year-old Somali's heart rate is up, but we understand that.


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